#DataScience Project Opportunities & Skills Needed

Do these projects sound interesting? They require a mix of database programming, database management, networking, data analysis, data science, mapping, programming (Python, R, SQL, Javascript, Java, Kotlin, CSS, Ruby, others), and other skills. Sound hard? Think you’re up for the challenge? Contact us.

Air Force Rescue Mission Management ToolWork with Customer to develop a Search & Rescue (SAR) incident management/planning software, web-based solution that processes distress alerts from the NOAA SARSAT system which can be accessed from the AFRCC and used for incident/mission management of missing persons & aircraft.

Infrastructure Health Assessment Data Engineering PlatformA cloud based data ETL pipeline, a data platform that obfuscates infrastructure data storage, a drop box that can ingest manual PDFs and create flat files out of them, building out APIs to automate loading from SORs (Builder, Paver, NextGenIT, etc), and an OLAP facilitiy/infrasture data lake. Also this platform should allow some advanced data anlytics capabilities (Spark, Flink, etc) as well as Transactional SQL. Finally expose OLAP to reporting tools like Tableau. 
Automating AMJAMSAMJAMS is a tracking tool used by legal to track where certain cases are within their respective processes.  By allowing the Military Justice system to go fully digital (allow for digital signatures instead of wet signatures) and actually automating processes in AMJAMS, we will speed up the military justice process by taking more hands and stops out of each step, free up significant time to allow legal professionals to focus on other tasks, and enable commanders to execute mission more quickly.
Air Force Recruiting Office Mapping SystemFor a single recruiting squadron, we can have 15-25 separate recruiting offices in various states across our AOR. Customer currently uses a system called Google Earth and loaded a KML file of all of our office locations to accurately reflect current natural disasters, crime concerns, or issues that would affect the safety and security of our assets and various marketing events. Customer would also like for the system to notify various organizational leaders based on characteristics of a particular incident.